District Profile

The Anjaw district of Arunachal Pradesh is strategically situated in the northeastern corner of the country. The Anjaw district was created in December 2003 by upgrading the earlier Hayuliang sub-division of Lohit district. It is bounded by Tibet (China) on the north, by Myanmar in the east, on the south by Changlang district and on the west by Lohit district. The district covers an area of 6190 sq.km and has a population of 21,167 (2011 census). The district with its headquarters at Hawai has two Sub-divisions( Hayuliang and Hawai Sub-division), four blocks ( Hayuliang-Goiliang, Manchal, Chaglagam and Hawai-Walong block) and eight circles (Hayuliang, Goiliang, Manchal, Chaglagam, Metengliang, Kibithoo, Walong and Hawai). The district falls in the heavy rainfall belt and it has plenty of surface water resources. Major part of the district is occupied by hills and forests. Agriculture is the mainstay of the inhabitants. The river system of the district is a part of the Brahmaputra River basin. Lohit is the principal river. Other prominent rivers are Dalai,Dav,Hali,Lati,Kulung and Lam Rivers which are tributaries of Lohit River. Lohit and its major tributaries are perennial.