Awareness Programme on PPV& FR Act.

KVK Anjaw has successfully organized awareness programme on “Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers Right Act., 2001” on 16th March, 2017 at Community Hall, Hayuliang. The Mega event was witnessed the gathering of 122 farmers including farm women, practicing farmers and rural youths from different corners of the district. The programme was graced and chaired by Deputy Commissioner Anjaw, Deputy Director, Spices Board, Namsai, ZPM, Hayuliang, ZPM Chaglagam, Local Leader, ASM Chairperson, Metengliang. The programme was marked with the welcome address by Dr. Manish Kanwat, Senior Scientist and Head, KVK Anjaw. During his speech, he emphasized that since the district is endowed and praised by nature with availability of ample amount of medicinal plant, pulses, spices and other tuber crops, its collection and conservation is of prime importance for each and every farmer in the district. He also aware to all the farmers regarding the importance and scope of the PPV&FR Act which is the right wer e given to the grower of any local germplasm and plant varieties to register in their own name under the Act. In the technical session, Shri. Naveen Khoisnam, SMS, Agronomy gave power-point presentation regarding the importance and aspects of the PPV& FR Act, 2001 to all the attending farmers of the event. Sri. Banim Kri, All India Handloom Board Member, expressed the importance and uses about the different medicinal plant, their scope and their availability in the district. He also further remarked that the district is praised by nature and known for the availability of different valuable local germplasm like Jungle Katchu (Paris Polyphylla), Mishmi Dal, varieties of millets (Kodo), maize, sweet potato, Caterpillar mushroom (Cordicep Sinensis) etc. But inspite of availability of these resources, majority of the farmers of the district unaware about the collection and conservation for future generation rather burning of jungle and harvesting blindly. Shri Anjoy Ama, Youth leader & PA to MLA, expressed rega rding the declaration of organic land in 500 ha which include three location of the district (Dorenko, Mithumna and Ruiliang) which was done in collaboration with the Sheel Biotech, New Delhi. He also highlighted the benefits for the declaration of organic area as it would support in pushing up the price of L. Cardamom through opening of auction centre at Namsai. During this programme KVK Anjaw has also bestowed the awards of best exhibition stall and best exhibits and Progressive Farmers for taking actively participation in the exhibition conducted on different local germplasm, medicinal, indigenous products showcased by different SHGs and individual farmers and farm women. Smt. Mamta Riba, Hon’ble Deputy Commissioner, Anjaw also expressed that importance of valued and endangered natural resources are being available in the district in terms of water, flora and fauna, spices crops, medicinal plants which are our own assets for the district and so every farmers should know the importance of conservation an d registration of local germplasm under the PPV&FR Act and patenting of their germplasm/seeds under the Seed Corporation Act. She also requested to all the farmers in respect to procure only quality planting materials for enhancing production and fetching handsome return among the farmers. Lastly, the programme was ended with the vote of thanks from Shri. S. Peter Singh, SMS, Social Sciences