“Group Marketing or Collective Marketing”

A one day training programme on “Group Marketing or Collective Marketing” was conducted by KVK Anjaw at Chingwinty on 24th March, 2017. Altogether 25 farmers and farm women representing from Saa Nao SHG, Chingwinty participated in the training programme. Shri. S. Peter Singh, SMS, Social Sciences delivered lecture regarding the importance of marketing, its problems and strategies that persist in the district. He also addresses the farmers toaware about the poor marketing system and infrastructure especially for large cardamom and oranges which are the important crops of the district. As an approach to minimize the existing problems of marketing, he requested to go for group marketing through setting up co-operative marketing society at village and district level which would be an effective option to sustain the interest and enhance the income of the farmers. Lastly, a check of Rs. 10,000 was handovered to the Saa Nao SHG President under ATMA-PD as a part of encouragement among the group.