Assessment of Soybean variety.Dsb19 with JS-335 and local variety

Objectives: To assess the varietal evaluation of Soybean Variety Dsb-19 in Anjaw district, Arunachal Pradesh

Problems diagnosed: As soybean is an important crop of Anjaw district but the production of soybean in the district is low as compared to other district. In Anjaw district, here is also lack of high yielding varieties of Soybean.

Technology Intervention: Soybean Variety Dsb-19

Treatments Details: 1. Dsb-19 2. JS-335 and Local check

Details of OFT: Three varieties were taken for the OFT vIz, JS-335 and Local variety as check. The trials were conducted in Tafraliang (Hayuliang) Kundan, Dhanbari and Karaoti (Kibithoo) and walong village under Walong circle of Anjaw District. Among the treatment the variety Dsb-19 recorded the highest yield 16.1 q/ha and BC ratio of 2.58:1 while the rest of the treatments yield JS-335 (15.27 q/ha ) and local check (9.8q/ha)