Salt & Mineral licking block for Mithun & Cattle.

Objective: To assess the impact of Salt & Mineral Licking Block (SMLB) technology in drudgery reduction in traditional Mithun production system of Anjaw District, Arunachal Pradesh

Critical area/problems genetic make up for Production: Generally, the North-East soil are acidic in nature, as a result there is low in salt content in fodder and ultimately salt hunger develops in Mithun and cattle of Arunachal Pradesh, and to reduce the montitoring work load of Mithun farmers in tracking Mithun in jungle.

To address this problem, a parmanent structure "Salt & Mineral Licking Block" (SMLB) technology (Made up of Cement, Sand, Salt & Mineral mixture) has developed the technology to reduce monitoring work load in tracking Mithun in jungle and also serve as a best method to quench the salt hunger, thereby fulfilling the physiological salt requirement for healthy and better performance of Mithun and cattle, as well as help in drudgery reduction.

Technology intervention: Salt & Mineral licking block (SMLB) technology (4x2x2.5 feet)

Treatment: Salt & Mineral licking block (SMLB) technology, as a method of feeding salt and attracting Mithun.

Check: Hand feeding method of salt.

Implementing Centre: KVK, Anjaw

Animal: Mithun (Bosfrontalis) and Cattle

Total numbers: 04 numbers

Parameters to be observed:

  • Acceptability of technology by farmers
  • Reliability of technology
  • Frequency of animal visiting to lick the SMLB
  • Drudgery reduction in term of time taken in tracking the Mithun in jungle.

Source of technology: KVK Anjaw, innovations