Deworming and multivitamin supplementation to Pig and Goats.

Proposed location: Barfu & Supliang (MGMG Village)


  • To reduce the external and internal parasite of Pig and Goat. Presence of which lead to Diarrhea, Anemic, slow body weight gain and increase feed conversion ratio, as a result the cost of production increase and farmer income per animal reduces.
  • Multivitamin will bust-up the general overall performance of animal, as a result, weight gain and other performance of reproductive parameter improve and income per animal will increase

Details of Medicine use:

Sl.No. Trade name Chemical composition
1 Bandykind plus- 30 ml Ivermectin & Albendazole
2 Multistar– 100ml Vitamin A, E, B-complex, and Selenium